Andrew Laurich

Vital Stats
Current city Los Angeles, CA
Additional Info
Relationship to band College friend

Andrew Laurich is a close friend of Tally Hall.

In 2002, he was a housemate of Andrew Horowitz and Rob Cantor during their sophomore year at the University of Michigan. He was the mutual friend that first introduced Rob to Joe Hawley, and went on to be a member of anonyMous, Joe's comedy troupe.

He appeared in many early Tally Hall videos, including Directions and Break It Down. He was also a member of Andrew's experimental sing-along band Toy Orchestra.

Laurich was responsible for the genesis of Rob's Shia LaBeouf song when he dramatically and repeatedly whispered "Shia LaBeouf" to Rob one day.

He is the "Flamingo Man" speaking Spanish in Rob's song Flamingo, and also contributed vocals to Hawaii: Part II. He also directed the music video for Rob's song Old Bike.