Tally Hall - Banana Man

Tally Hall - Banana Man

Banana Man is the seventh track on Tally Hall's first studio album, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

It was written by Joe Hawley.

Lyrics Edit

Do you see banana man
Hopping over on de white hot sand
Here he come with some for me
Freshly taken from banana tree

Banana man me want a ton
Gimme double and a bonus one
Gimme more for all me friends
Dis banana flow will never end

Do you want a banana?
Peel it down and go
Mmm mmm mmm mmmm
Do you want a banana?
Dis banana for you

Tonight we dance around de flame
Then we get to play de spirit game
Spirit names we shout out loud
Shake de thunder from de spirit cloud

All de songbirds in de tree
Chant a tune to let de spirits free
Then we see them in de night
Spirits jumping by de firelight


Look you
You too uptight, you know
You could laugh and kick it back and go (whee)
But without a rhythm or a rhyme
You do not banana all de time
Fly away from city on de run
Try to make a little fun
Look you
Come to de bungalow
African't you tell me told you so
Don't you love de bumping of de drum
Make you shake until de bum go numb
Let the bongo play you 'til you drop
Dis banana never stop

Forget all your troubles and go with the flow
Forget about whatever you may never know
Like whether whatever you doing is whatever you should
And whether anything you do is ever anything good
And then forget about banana when it stick in your throat
And when it make you wanna bellow but you stuck in a choke
And then forget about de yellow from de beckoning man
Who make you take another one and make a mock of your plan

Make up your mind
And tell me no

Well it's nine o'clock
And it's getting dark
And the sun is falling from the sky
I've never left so early
And you may wonder why

Tomorrow morning on de plane
No banana make you go insane
Floating back to busy town
No banana make you want to frown