Bora Karaca

"Zubin is handsome."
Vital Stats
Tie Color Orange
Birthday 11/26/84
Age 30
Hometown Detroit, MI
Current city Los Angeles, CA
Additional Info
Instruments Bass, drums, accordion, guitar, keys, literally everything
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown
Other Projects Cojum Dip

"I'd like to tell you all... a tale of Tally Hall."
Bora Karaca (pronounced ka-ra-ja) is the honorary sixth member of Tally Hall. He's played various roles, including roadie, BFF, mascot, engineer, advisor, documentarian, and finally touring member of the band, wearing an orange tie for the 2011 tour.

He filmed and edited the Boralogues series that features on the band's YouTube channel, and had his own segment titled "15 Seconds of Bora" on Tally Hall's Internet Show.

He fronts a jazz-metal band called Cojum Dip, was one of the main producers of Hawaii: Part II, and was the engineer of Not a Trampoline.

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