Cannibal is the fourth song in Tally Hall's second studio album, Good & Evil.

It was written by Zubin Sedghi.

Lyrics Edit

Looking for a cavern
A place where she can stay
Waiting for the darkness
When she leaves obsessed to make her way to me
Because it's getting to the time when she will need to feed and

I am the willing victim of a cannibal
She rips out my bones just like I'm an animal
And right when I'm feeling like my blood is drained
She calls it a game
But the wound that she leaves is unmistakable

I am not the only one that she has come to see
Dig up the skeletons of men who thought that they would be the
One like me
Like they could be the ones to make her believe
But for now


Hiding in corners disguised
She's a phantom, a glimmer inside
She keeps on feeding while I am conceding
So please won't you tear me open wide