Cojum Dip
Cojum Dip
Released January 12, 2014
Recorded The LaBORAtory, Los Angeles CA
Producer Bora Karaca
Cojum Dip is Cojum Dip's debut album, released on Bandcamp on January 12, 2014.

All songs were written, performed, mixed and mastered by Bora Karaca, with additional contributions from Blake Gower, Joe Hawley, Jacob Hurley, Brian McCorkle, Matt Sever, Mandy Wilson, Courtney Flynn, and Gregtronic.

Track Listing Edit

# Title Duration
1 Cell 4:39
2 4-LOM 4:41
3 Reverse Mullet 4:38
4 M54 3:43
5 Jabberwocky 5:15
6 Waltz in E-major, Op. 15 "Moon Waltz" 4:47
7 Tap Tap Tap 4:41
8 Puzzle Dust 6:06
9 134340 Pluto 3:42

Trivia Edit

  • "4-LOM" appears in Death Request, as the soundtrack to Joe's hurdlin'.
  • In "Moon Waltz," Joe plays Mr. Moon.

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