Country Good is a song written by Rob Cantor.

It was originally written as an original composition for a Cracker Barrel commercial, but was not used and was later added to Rob's music portfolio on his official website.

It features banjo playing by Tommy Siegel of Jukebox the Ghost.

Lyrics Edit

It’s the summer sun, the children at play
It’s that feeling at the end of the day
It’s the smell of something cooking
Take a taste when mama’s looking away
It’s our life, and we live it like we should
This is country good
It’s the feeling of a family love
It’s the faith in something bigger above
And it’s reaching for the stars
But still knowing what is ours is enough
It’s our life, and it’s always understood
This is country good
Country girls fall in love with country boys
Country bands making good old country noise
All the lights in the city make it hard to see stars
Oh, lucky that the country is ours
It’s the changing of the colours in fall
It’s the swinging of the bat for the ball
And it’s sitting on the porch swing
Singing all the songs that we recall
It’s our life, and we’ve done all that we could
This is country good

Trivia Edit

  • The Jukebox the Ghost song "Long Way Home," released in 2014 on their self-titled album, contains the lyric "lights in the city made it hard to see"— a subtle reference to Country Good.