Cuckoo is an unreleased song by Rob Cantor. However, a copy can by heard on Youtube at . All that is known is that it features Jim Horan.

Lyrics Edit

There will be people going cuckoo for my cuckoos
Feeble minds enamored by the clock
Just a strain of that refrain, it's like candy for the brain,
They'll be lining up around the block
Courtesy of nimble little fingers
There's a folksy kind of antique homemade touch
But the really big advantage of enslaving little children
Is that you don't have to pay them much
What a fancy clock they'll say
Any price I set, they'll pay
They've attuned their hearts' desire
It's a flugelmire (?)
What a wonderful song they'll cry
If you stand too close, you'll die
It's a melody pure and nice
They'll pay triple price
We'll export them out to England, France, and China
They'll adore them in the northern ports of Spain
Every nation, adoration, freaking worldwide domination
We'll be riding on the gravy train
We'll be mopping up the money in the morning
We'll be rolling in our riches afternoon
In the evening we'll dine, on the finest meat and wine
And we'll eat it with a silver spoon
What a fancy spoon, they'll say
"May I take your coat?" "You may"
Here a cuckoo clock, SUBLILE
Mr. Flugelmire (?)
And we're sorry, but no C.O.D.
But we offer a full warranty
But the warranty already expired
You've been flugelmired (HA)
What a fancy clock, they'll shout
What a pretty little tune comes out
I shall have my just desserts
"Now get these orphans back to work"

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