Happy Monster Band is a children's television show that airs on Disney Junior. The songs featured in the first two seasons were written and performed by Tally Hall. Rob Cantor played the singing voice of Frred, the guitar player, Zubin Sedghi sang for L.O., the bassist, and Joe Hawley sang for Bluz, the keyboardist. (Ironically, the colours of the characters that each band member played did not match their tie colours. Whether or not this was intentional is unknown.)

The musical sequences that feature the band are compiled in this YouTube playlist, with the exception of "The Italian Way", which can be found here (audio only).

Songs Edit

Season 1 (2007) Edit

  1. I Will Be Your Friend
  2. Do the Monster Stomp
  3. Monster Hoe Down
  4. Dirty, Smelly Monster Chores
  5. Scare Up Some Fun
  6. I'm the Best at Being Me
  7. Do Re Me-Me-Me
  8. Even Monsters Cry Sometimes
  9. Get Up and Go Go Go
  10. Practise Makes Progress

Season 2 (2008) Edit

  1. At the Rodeo
  2. A Wonderful Time in France
  3. The Italian Way
  4. The Monster Tangle
  5. Here in Australia
  6. In India
  7. Siesta, Siesta
  8. Konnichiwa!
  9. Yin & Yang
  10. London Town