I'M GONNA WIN - Rob Cantor (AUDIO ONLY)02:39


I'm Gonna Win (formerly known as All of My Friends) is the fifth song on Rob Cantor's album, Not a Trampoline.

It was written by Joe Hawley.

Lyrics Edit

My life is a constant entrapment of tunnels
Which tangle and wind and beguile
And regardless of where I may tumble or funnel
I wonder what’s really worthwhile

Sometimes it can seem like a merciless dream
And I’m falling with nothing to hold
Sometimes I get flustered and beaten and blistered
Abandoned outside in the cold

But I’m gonna win, I’m gonna try
I’ll never lose, I’ll never die
You’ve seen me before, you’ll see me again
I’ll never give up, I’ll never give in
Til I’m bloody and bruised
Til I’ve broken my bones
Til I won’t be abused
Til I’m laughing alone

It’s hard to be charming and smart and disarming
It’s hard to pretend you’re the best
It’s hard to fulfill everyone’s expectations
It’s hard to keep up with the rest


How do you feel?
You’ve been concealing your worries from the world
But you can reveal them to me
I wouldn’t know
I go on even though

I’ll be bloody and bruised
I’ll be breaking my bones
I’ll be paying my dues
I’ll be laughing alone

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