Jukebox the Ghost

Vital Stats
Members Tommy Siegel

Ben Thornewill Jesse Kristin

Years active 2006-present

Genre Indie rock

Hometown Washington, DC

Relationship to Tally Hall Tourmates

Jukebox the Ghost is an indie rock band with a variety of deep connections to Tally Hall.

Formed in Washington DC at George Washington University, Jukebox the Ghost were participants in the same late-2000s East Coast indie scene as Tally Hall, sharing the same bill many times for one-off shows before finally touring together in 2010 (alongside Skybox).

Trivia Edit

  • Tommy Siegel contributed banjo to Rob Cantor's song Country Good.
  • Tommy also opened for one of Andrew Horowitz's solo edu shows in 2013 at Pete's Candy Store.
  • In a video on the Jukebox the Ghost Facebook page, Rob is shown in the background while Jesse records vocals for their song, "Hollywood".

Ben and Rob straight chillin' at Lollapalooza '08.

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