Lonely (But Not Alone) is the twelfth and final song on Rob Cantor's album, Not a Trampoline.

Lyrics Edit

I called again to say my goodnight
I climb in bed, you’re out like a light
I’m here but I’m never home
And you’re lonely but not alone

Today again, we’re out on the ride
The longer we stay, the less we decide
The day is all your own
When you’re lonely but not alone

Soon, though
The patterns around us will fade away
Soon, all the static will break into yesterday
Or so we say

I toss, I turn, I sleep on my side
I know the need that I don’t provide
But til a seed is sown
You’ll be lonely but not alone


You miss New York, you have all along
I climb in bed, still singing your song
My words belie the tone
You’re lonely but not alone