miss melody is the first song on edu's album, sketches.

Lyrics Edit

miss melody had a dream
that she had everything she wanted right in front of her
except for hot tea
'cause she knows that every time it burns her mouth and she is left without a mouth

and every night that she dreams
she'll awake and believe that it's all reality
and i'm delighted to join her
in smiles that adorn her in this reality

miss melody had a cloud
that she kept inside her house until it wandered off and never came around again
in his memory
planted flowers grew until the house was just a home
for all the colors of the pretty flowers

and when one looks in her eyes
one is never surprised that she always understands the moment
and if you're dying to meet her
don't die; i'm most certain with her you'll get along

on saturday she dreams parade
and all around the people wave
expecting her to celebrate
the chance to go from good to great

at sunday brunch they speak her name,
unconscious minds will do the same
while in her home she knits a chair
and uses it to knit a bear

and oh my god, she's lost control
the bear grew up and wants her soul
she tries to run but where to go?
her home was here, that's all she knows

miss melody has a hat that she puts on to make herself invisible
can you see her? no you can't
she casted a spell but it goes away
it's for a very happy day

miss melody stopped appearing on a monday