Mr. President, There's an Asteroid Headed Directly For the Earth: The Musical is a presumably abandoned project by Rob Cantor and Rick Lax. It was created as a proposal for an online episodic musical to be picked up by Amazon Instant Video. Although it was never picked up, demos were created for the songs of the first part, albeit with Cantor playing every role.


From the Amazon Studios page:[1]

Series concept:
In every disaster movie, some guy bursts into the Oval Office and says, "Mr. President! There's an asteroid headed directly for the earth!" This is that guy's story.

Pilot logline:
Calvert, our geeky hero, meets Kayla at an astronomy lecture. She misread a flyer and thought it was an astrology talk. Her mistake will prove to be the most devastating event in the course of human history. (Music can be found at Password: calvert)

Track ListingEdit

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. Overture Cantor Cantor 1:41
2. At the Club Cantor Cantor 0:28
3. Waiting Cantor Cantor 2:13
4. At the Club (Reprise) Cantor Cantor 0:49


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