Party Boobytrap
Album art
Tally Hall
Released April 2003
Length 15:54

Party Boobytrap is an EP Tally Hall released in April of 2003, the first they'd ever recorded. Unfortunately, no one has come forward yet with any imagery of the disc or sleeves in which this EP came in. The extent of what we know about it rests here.

Fun Facts Edit

  • In the music video for Good Day, there is a scene in which they portray/mimic a rap video. The rap group's name is Party Boobytrap.
  • The title is a palindrome and that's the simple origin of the name.
  • In the first secret room of the Labyrinth game, a skeleton asks, "Is this a party boobytrap?"

Track Listing Edit

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. Good Day Horowitz Hawley, Cantor 3:30
2. Greener Cantor Cantor 4:02
3. Banana Man Hawley Hawley 4:27
4. Ruler of Everything Hawley Hawley, Sedghi 3:55