Ross Federman

Vital Stats
Tie Color Grey
Birthday 1/30/1985
Age 30
Hometown Bloomfield Hills, MI
Current city New Haven, CT
Additional Info
Instruments Drums, percussion
Likes Science
Dislikes Unknown
Other Projects Mr. F
"Grey in the back, sipping 'gnac can hear..."
Ross Federman is the drummer of Tally Hall. He also DJs and makes remixes as Mr. F.

Bio Edit

Ross Federman was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, MI. He attended Lahser High School and was in the marching band. Though his time at Lahser overlapped with Joe Hawley, they were never close friends.

Joe, remembering a conversation he'd held with Ross about drumming while canvassing dorms for his run for student gorvernment, recruited Ross as Tally Hall's drummer when their previous drummer, Steve Gallagher, left in 2004. Though Ross appears on the cover of Complete Demos, the drums on all of the tracks were actually performed by Steve.

Ross majored in Molecular Biology at the University of Michigan, and was due to graduate in 2007 but dropped out after two years to pursue music full time with Tally Hall.

When the band moved to New York in 2008, Ross took up DJing and remixing under the name Mr. F.

After Tally Hall, Ross moved back to Ann Arbor to finish his degree at U of M, and after graduating in 2013 is now a Ph.D candidate in Immunology at Yale University.

He was one of the three main producers on Hawaii Part II, alongside Joe Hawley and Bora Karaca, contributing songwriting, drum playing and programming, and production. He also contributed production and drum programming to Rob Cantor's 2014 solo album, Not A Trampoline.

You can also read Ross's personal bio from an old website in 2006.

Trivia Edit

  • He made his vocal debut on their Good & Evil tour singing Buddy Holly's "Everyday", as well as on the album itself in "Hymn for a Scarecrow".

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