Tally Hall - Ruler of Everything

Tally Hall - Ruler of Everything

Ruler of Everything is the fourteenth track on Tally Hall's first studio album, Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.

It was written by Joe Hawley.

Lyrics Edit

Juno was mad
He knew he'd been had
So he shot at the sun with a gun
Shot at the sun with a gun
Shot at his wily one
Only friend

In the gallows or the ghetto
In the town or the meadow
In the billows
Even over the sun
Every end of a time
Is another begun

You understand
Mechanical hands
Are the ruler of everything
Ruler of everything
I'm the ruler of everything
In the end

Do you like how I dance
I've got zirconium pants
Consequential enough
To slip you into a trance

Do you like how I walk?
Do you like how I talk?
Do you like how my face
Disintegrates into chalk?

I have a wonderful wife
I have a powerful job
She criticizes me for being egocentric

You practice your mannerisms
Into the wall
If this mirror were clearer
I'd be standing so tall

I saw you slobber over clovers
On the side of the hill
I was observing the birds
Circle in for the kill

I've been you
I know you
Your facade is a scam

You know you're making me cry
This is the way that I am

I've been living a lie
A metamorphical scheme
Detective undercover brotherhood
Objective obscene

Oh no
Oh yeah

Do you hear the flibbity jibbity jibber jabber
With an oh my God I've got to get out of here or I'll have another
Word to sell
Another story to tell
Another timepiece ringing the bell
Do you hear the clock stop when you reach the end
You know it must be never ending
Comprehend if you can
But when you try to pretend to understand
You resemble a fool
Although you're only a man
So give it up and


Without looking down
Gliding around
Like a bumbling dragon I fly
Scraping my face on the sky

Oh no
Oh yeah