Rob demonstrating proper use of the Rototron Cornbobber.

Sargasm was the first and only film released by Joe Hawley's comedy troupe anonyMous in April 2003. A compilation of sketches, the film was shown at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor and was described by Joe as like "'Saturday Night Live,' only funny."

The movie featured recurring segments that would go on to reappear in Tally Hall's Internet Show, such as What You Don't Know and Joerilla. Additionally, many sketches would be uploaded as early Tally Hall videos on their website.

Videos Edit

  • Break It Down
  • Rototron Cornbobber
  • Joerilla - Dirty Laundry
  • Joerilla - Sidewalk Duel
  • Joerilla - Triumph
  • Joerilla - Whoops
  • What You Don't Know - Squirrels
  • What You Don't Know - Dancing
  • What You Don't Know - Carrots
  • What You Don't Know - Plants
  • Vroom
  • Phone Assassin