sketches is the first batch of demos by edu, Andrew Horowitz's side solo project.

Sketches bandcamp cover
Album Art
Released 2012
Length 30:25

Track Listing Edit

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. miss melody Horowitz Horowitz 3:41
2. HEY YOU! Horowitz Horowitz 4:07
3. hummingbird Horowitz Horowitz 2:34
4. daisy fingers Horowitz Horowitz 4:30
5. have a nice day (interludinal) Horowitz (instrumental) 1:37
6. lemons and pears Horowitz Horowitz 3:21
7. at the end Horowitz Horowitz 3:22
8. nowhere else Horowitz Horowitz 3:30
9. the rainbow connection Williams, Ascher Horowitz 3:43

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