The Other Way is a short film by Joe Hawley, which was his senior thesis as a film major. It was originally hosted on the band's official website, and is currently hosted on a fan's Vimeo page.

Plot Edit

Joe himself plays the protagonist, Hank. On the way to a pizzeria, he gets pulled over for a speeding ticket. Once he arrives, he meets up with his ex-girlfriend Chelsea. She tells him that her grandfather passed away earlier that day, and that Hank is the father of her child, Fabian, who was born the previous day. An overwhelmed Hank jumps into a swimming pool hoping he will drown, but instead he manages to send time moving backwards. (From this point, all of the footage is played backwards, and the dialogue is subtitled.)

When Hank emerges from the pool, Fabian is in his care while Chelsea is nowhere to be found. He calls her, and she explains to him that she is hiding in order to prevent Fabian from being unborn. She is shown to be at her grandfather's bedside at the hospital, watching him come back to life.

Hank travels, with Fabian in hand, to the hospital throughout the night, hoping to arrive before Fabian's time of birth. He speaks with Chelsea's grandfather, who tells him that the only circumstances one can count on are life and death and that the events in between are unimportant, hinting at the nature of the backwards universe. Hank then sees Chelsea being pulled down the hallway in a stretcher, and he hands Fabian to the doctor, who returns him to Chelsea's womb.

In the ending scene, Hank is pulled over once more, where the cop who originally gave him a speeding ticket lets him off with a warning. As the film ends, he hears Chelsea's grandfather's voice in his head again, reminding him of his own inevitable "unbirth" that he will eventually have to face.

Connections to Tally Hall Edit