The Pingry EP is an EP by Tally Hall. It was a rough EP that featured various demos of various origins, recorded for a show that the band played at the Pingry School (Andrew Horowitz's alma mater) in 2005. The band gave out home-burned copies of the EP at the show.

Track Listing Edit

The Pingry EP
Pingry ep
Album art
Tally Hall
Released May 13, 2005
# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. "The Bidding (Acoustic)" Hawley Hawley, Cantor, Sedghi 2:32
2. "Taken for a Ride (Acoustic)" Horowitz Horowitz, Hawley, Cantor, Sedghi 4:30
3. "Be Born (Acoustic)" Cantor Cantor 3:24
4. "The Whole World and You (Acoustic)" Horowitz Horowitz 1:42
5. "All of My Friends (Acoustic)" Hawley Hawley, Sedghi 2:46
6. "Good Day (Mitch Albom Excerpt)" Horowitz Hawley, Cantor, Sedghi 0:45
7. "Yearbook (Demo)" Cantor Cantor 2:32
8. "Just a Friend (Live)" Biz Markie Cantor, Sedghi, Hawley 4:06
9. "Track 09 (Banter Track)" Sedghi Sedghi 4:31

Trivia Edit

  • The first four tracks from The Pingry EP, most of the tracks from Complete Demos, and one brand new song (Haiku) went on to form the track list for the 2005 version of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum.
  • All of My Friends is the first known iteration of a song that later became I'm Gonna Win.
  • "Yearbook" was a track from Rob and Zubin's high school band listedBlack, from their sole EP, Songs About Girls.
  • The last two tracks were recorded live at The Blind Pig.