Welcome to Tally Hall is an EP that Tally Hall released in 2004. Not much is known about it. The tracks from both Welcome to Tally Hall and Party Boobytrap were released together as a compilation album called Complete Demos.

Welcome to Tally Hall
Album art
Tally Hall
Released April 2004
Length 21:31

Track Listing Edit

# Title Writers Lead Singers Duration
1. Welcome to Tally Hall Cantor, Hawley, Sedghi Cantor, Hawley, Sedghi 4:04
2. Two Wuv Horowitz Sedghi 3:46
3. Just Apathy Cantor Cantor 3:38
4. Banana Man Hawley Hawley 4:31
5. (I Know) It's Just the Same Horowitz Hawley, Sedghi 5:32